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The Amiga Games Guide

2,00 EUR
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The Amiga Games Guide
The text on the CD of the Amiga Games Guide is all in GERMAN!

You may be fed up waiting for cheats, complete game solutions or hints for your favourite games
to appear in game magazines?

You maybe interested in a game, but you don't know if the graphics look OK or if you will fall
asleep due to being bored?

You don't know which game supports your 4-game adapter, or which is playable by network or by
internet, or which game(s) you might be able to find data discs for?

If so, then you need the universal databench for Amigagames: the "Amiga Game Guide". We've done
our best, to give you a CD, that is brimming with cheats, complete game solutions, hints,
screenshots, test reports and so much more that's relevant for nearly every Amiga game.

The mainpart of the CD is the "Amiga Game Guide", which you can find in two versions, either in
AmigaGuide or HTML (both in German/Deutsch).

This way we have made it as easy as possible for you to get all the information, screenshots,
maps and test reports we could find to include with the Amiga Game Guide. In order to keep it as
complete as possible you will find PD game highlights, game-demos (also from older games), game
add-ons (extra level(s) and so on), saved game-levels and so much more.

HTML and AmigaGuide Version (plus seperate version for CD32 games)
Cheats, hints & tricks for over 1600 Amiga games
Over 500 test reports for nearly 250 games
About 2500 screenshots of 500 games
Detailed information on almost every one of the 1700 registered games (including details of
their manufacturer, publisher, genre, release date)
Game-levels, HD Installer, game-demos, PD-games, extra level(s), icons, etc..
PC compatible

Amiga-OS 3.x, 68020 Processor, 4 Mbyte RAM, CD-ROM and a hard-disk.
An installed NewIcon system or Amiga OS 3.5 is recommended, otherwise viewing the images of the
CD icons is affected adversely.

Windows 95 to 11 and a Web browser, such as, "Microsoft Edge", "Internet Explorer" or Firefox.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.

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