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Amiga Future Aboprämie 2018
Die ersten 20 User die ab sofort ein Abo der Amiga Future in unserem Onlineshop bestellen, erhalten die Amiga Joker 1/2017 als kostenlose Beilage.
Außerdem wird unter allen Usern die ihr Abo bis zum 31.1.2018 verlängert haben, ebenfalls eine Amiga Joker 1/2017 verlost.
Wichtig! Unser Shop ist nicht in der Lage anzuzeigen ob bereits 20 Amiga Future Abos verkauft wurden!
Diese Aboaktion endet späterstens zum 31.1.2018.

Amiga Future subscription 2018
The first 20 users who now order a subscription to the Amiga Future in our online shop will receive an Amiga Joker 1/2017 (Amiga Joker are a german print-mag) as a free supplement.
In addition, among all users who have extended their subscription until 31.1.2018, also an Amiga Joker 1/2017 (german print-mag) is raffled.
Important! Our shop is not able to show if 20 Amiga Future subscriptions have been sold!

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1 Year Subscription from Amiga Future Issue 131
1 Year Subscription from Amiga Future Issue 131
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When the night falls, the celebrations of the never-dead begin in the graveyard. Countless Zombies und sinister beings rise from their resting places and have only one desire: YOU! Make your way through muddy tracks and dark grave chambers and slip into the role of the heavily armed Grim Reaper, or you will have to make your testament.

System requirements:

The game "Testament" is designed for Amiga 1200 or higher (AGA).
Minimal configuration: Amiga 1200, 2MB chip memory
Recommended configuraton: Amiga 1200 or higher, accelerator with FastRAM, mouse or joystick, hard drive
Supported: more floppy drives The major problems may occur due to lack of RAM space.

Game's engine is a very complicated program processing a many data in a very short time so it must keep almost all data constantly loaded in RAM (the access to a hard disk and to a floppy disk is very very much slower). If the game will not work properly (after installation on the hard disk) please look for the solution in unavavilable free RAM. If you have only 2MB of this memory try to replace all devices, files, and disks' partition tables installed in RAM before you run Testament. The game should run while you have 1.8MB of computing memory free. If the game won't have necessary memory available it will never work properly. Enough space of available RAM can be provided either in upper workbench line or with the help of AVAIL command in command prompt (CLI). If only the FastRAM is installed the game will become much faster and stable but more then that you will be able to turn on the music and use more options otherway denied.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.

Data Medium:

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