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Amiga Future Issue 165
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ASM Magazin - GERMAN Print-Magazin 2023

8,00 EUR
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ASM returns

The ASM (Aktueller Software Markt), a popular computer magazine in the late 1980s, is still revered in retro circles today. It has recently made a comeback after a 28-year hiatus.

In 1986, the ASM magazine covered almost every important computer system, including the C-64, Spectrum, Schneider CPC, MSX, Dragon, and Enterprise. The 16-bit Atari ST and Amiga were also included, starting in 1987 and finding their way into households. However, by 1995, the PC had become dominant, and there was no longer a market for multi-platform magazines. Nowadays, there has been a significant change, as old computers that were once abandoned or thrown away in the 1990s are finding new admirers. Every year, more games are being released that surpass expectations and bring out the best in these systems.

A German magazine that used to accompany home computers during their success in German living rooms is making a comeback. The new issue, 3/23, aims to provide an overview of the current 8-bit and 16-bit software market, just like it did in the past. However, the new ASM is more than just a software magazine. It also pays tribute to the old ASM editions from the 1980s. There are plenty of interviews with former editors, which offer interesting insights into the daily work of software journalists at that time.

The old guard was pleased with the project. "I am thrilled that the previous format has been reintroduced and executed so well," states Manfred Kleimann, the former editor-in-chief who created the magazine's concept in 1985 and provided input for the new edition.

The latest print edition can be found at, which is home to popular Amiga magazines like "Amiga Future" and "Amiga Joker" as well as the computer magazine, "LOAD." This 100-page special edition costs 8 euros and requires an additional fee for shipping.

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From the content:
Over 30 test reports on current games for 8 and 16 bits
Interviews with Manfred Kleimann, Frank Brall, Martina Strack, Bendrik Muhs, Stefan Swiergiel, Klaus Segel, Stefan Bayer, Torsten Oppermann, Dirk Fuchser
Interviews with Thomas Meiertoberens (Magic Bytes) and Steve Wilcox (Elite Systems), Roman Werner (Super Marble Boy), The Mojon Twins (Ramiro el Vampiro), Juan Manchon (, Andreas Magerl (APC&TCP), Sebastian Bach ( poly play)
Reader survey on the ASM
Competition resolution: Finally here - the ASM computer game
In the spotlight: 40 years of Vectrex
Flashback: what became of the
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