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4. Amiga Future Aboprämie 2018
Amiga Future 10 EUR Abonnementenbonus
Bestellt ein Amiga Future 1-Jahres-Abonnement und erhaltet einen 10 EUR (12 USD) Rabattgutschein für die Vollversion von AmiKit X. Das Angebot endet zum 20. März 2018.
Unter allen Lesern die ihre fällige Aboverlängerung bis zum 20. März 2018 erneuert haben, werden ebenfalls 5 Rabattgutscheine verlost.

4rd Amiga Future subscription bonus 2018
Amiga Future 10 EUR Subscription Bonus
Order an Amiga Future 1-year subscription and get 10 EUR (12 USD) discount coupon for full version of AmiKit X. Also five lucky of you who renew yearly subscription will receive the coupon too! Offer ends 20 March 2018
AmiKit is an ultimate collection of 400 pre-installed AmigaOS3.x apps running on Windows, Mac or Linux (thanks to WinUAE emulator).

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1 Year Subscription from Amiga Future Issue 131
1 Year Subscription from Amiga Future Issue 131
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Amiga Cards

3,00 EUR
[incl. 19% Tax excl. Shipping]
[15 Shipping points]

This playing card set has been manufactured under license of Amiga International, and consists of 52 coloured playing cards with an Amiga theme and naturally has three Amiga themed jokers in this pack of cards.

Some of the outer cases of these packs have become ever so slightly tatty/worn, but the cards themselves are still in sealed protective covering, so are in pristine condition & unused/new.

These packs of cards are just like the original poker cards as supplied by the "ASS" company, with an improved coated surface resulting in a highly protective finish, which offers a very low-friction surface, to extend their useful gaming life.

The front of the 13 cards of each suit shows 13 different Amiga models. So, there are all the Amiga computers released printed on the cards since the indroduction of the A1000, the CDTV & CD32, including the A4000T.

The backs of the cards have the original black and red Amiga logo. The joker cards are supplied each with a different Amiga themed logo i.e. the boingball, etc..

You can obviously play whichever card game you like with this set, such as:

Poker, Black Jack, Rummy, Peanuckel, Skat, Passions, Bridge and so on...

This playing card set has been produced entirely on an Amiga computer. So it's the perfect gift for any Amiga friend.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.